Thursday, April 05, 2007


Work has been keeping me busy lately, partially due to my own newly-formed workaholic habits. Things have been winding down a bit lately, as the seasons begin to change, but I have continued to push myself. This can lead to dire consequences, especially when I stay up late reading and end up a zombie the next day.

Today I needed a real pick me up and decided, as I was walking past FYE on the way back from lunch, that what I needed was some music therapy. I get into musical obsessions where I find new music, listen the crap out of it, memorize it and then eventually get sick of it and stop listening to it for a "recovery period" before adding it back into my musical backlist (gotta love using publishing lingo in other situations).

I wasn't sure what I was going to buy, but the minute I walked in I was confronted with a giant poster of Elliott Yamin, the #3 contestant on American Idol 5. I had heard his first single and really enjoyed it, but had forgotten that I wanted to get his CD. Well I promptly bought it and I must's really good. He's got a great, soulful voice. He's pretty amazing for someone who is 90% deaf in one ear. Some of my favorite songs are Movin' On, Wait For You, and Train Wreck.

After work, I gave myself another treat. Buffy: Season 8: Issue 2 came out yesterday, so I stopped by the comic store that is so conveniently located right off the subway in Astoria and promptly bought that as well. These issues have been great so far, but I gotta say, I don't think I can handle this---ya know, with the shortness and the monthly. I want more, and I want it NOW! And Issue 3's cover looks AMAZING! Willowy-hotness all over the place. How am I going to wait an entire month? I've gotta make friends with someone at Dark Horse!

Tomorrow I will be treating myself to a train ticket home to Connecticut. I have mixed feelings about going home right now, since things aren't exactly going well in my hometown, but the holidays are a time for family (including good friends) and so off I go.


Amanda said...

I wish I could get into comic books. I have some reprints of "The Amazing Spiderman," but I think I've only read about half of the first one. =/ I'm such a non-boyish non-comic book geek.

T.S. said...

I used to read comic books when I was a kid but I wasn't a regular fan. I was just sort of a superhero nerd (as well as a booknerd and a nerd in general - LOL). I knew everything there was to know about the X-Men but wasn't reading back to back episodes. To this day, I like the idea of comics more than I like collecting them, and I am more attracted to superhero books, movies and TV shows than I am the actual comics. But for Buffy, official Buffy written by the man himself, I'll buy. Oh yes, I'll buy. MWA HA HA!

T.S. said...
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Emily Jiang said...

I used to buy comics, too, but that was back when X-men was only a very few, very manageable titles. Then it became too expensive. But I still love X-men! I also love Buffy, and I have yet to check out the comic.