Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Spoilers

Who all read Harry Potter over the weekend?

Let's discuss in the comments so as not to spoil anyone who hasn't.


ktbuffy said...

I did, I did! I loved it. Looking forward to that seemingly far-off day when I can go back and reread ALL the books, one after the other.

Emily Jiang said...

I finished and LOVED it. So much that I wrote a few haiku highlights on my blog. Okay, it was more than a few. I couldn't believe JKR killed so many characters! I almost cried when Hedwig died!! I loved how Dumbledore had an evil best friend - it was like Prof. X and Magneto...or Clark and Lex in Smallville...

And the wand rules - and how they all tie together in the end - WONDERFUL! What did you think of the epilogue?

Editorial Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it. I was sure that Rowling was too attached to Harry to kill him.
Disappointed that she couldn't leave Dumbledore out of the end of Harry's journey to adulthood, though. He should have taken the last steps by himself.
And I wonder if that last chapter years later is for the kids or the adults? Seems like info only the teens/adults really want... the kids, I think, would rather the series stopped with Harry still "young"--so that it doesn't seem like it has to end. I remember being all kinds of pissed with the ending of the Prydain Chronicles. Fastforwarding is obnoxious.

alvina said...

Okay, I just finished it (not the first weekend, but the second weekend) and I was totally swept up in the story. Thought it was a fantastic ending to the series. I enjoyed the epilogue, and as I kid, I remember liking that sort of leap forward as well--it reminded me a little of the ending of WATERSHIP DOWN. As I kid, I always imagined beyond the ending, wanting to know what happened to the characters, so this was satisfying--you know to a certain extent, but there's still much to imagine.

I was so SURE that JK Rowling wouldn't end it with "and they lived happily ever after," but I guess I was wrong. But it left me feeling satisfied. Funny, but this is the one book that I kept picturing as a movie. All those battle scenes!

Dobby dying was the most tragic for me.