Monday, September 15, 2008

New Book and Video about Name Transitioning

Well I've been quite lazy/busy/emotionally drained, so I've been procrasting on writing the posts I promised you all. But for now, I wanted to pop on here and share some great news that has recently come up. I acquired my second book at work! Well -- co-acquired. It was a joint acquisition with my wonderful colleague, Julie. Here's the announcement:

Transparent author Cris Beam's J, about a female-to-male transgender teen as he begins to live as a boy and comes to terms with what it means to be trans and Puerto Rican in New York City, to Julie Scheina and T.S. Ferguson at Little, Brown Children's, for publication Spring 2010, by Amy Williams of McCormick & Williams Literary Agency (world).

And since it (sort of) relates and because I just watched it, I wanted to post this video. It's by a trans guy named Meiko Xavier whose videos I really enjoy watching (and who is SUPER cute!). This one is titled Social Difficulties with Name Change, which is something I can really relate to, despite not being trans myself.

Going from "Tom" to "T.S." was a difficult struggle, only made easier by my move to New York (wow, has it really been 5 years since I transitioned to T.S.?) and despite most people referring to me as such, I still have a lot of trouble with family members and a few friends (well, one stubborn friend in particular). So I can strongly relate to the topic in this video.

Enjoy! And stay tuned - I'll try to be diligent about coming back and actually posting one or more of the posts I promised last time...eventually.


Zoraida said...

I try to picture myself with a different name, and it is damn hard.

I can't picture you as a Tom, even though you ARE a Tom. I'd picture your personality so much more different if you were not T.S.

Love you lots.

T.S. said...

Except I'm NOT a Tom. At all.

mary beth said...

Sorry, this really relates only marginally to this post, but if anyone lives in CT or has voting aged relatives in CT, there is a referendum on the ballot about holding a constitutional convention. The referendum is a reprehensible, sneaking way to find a path to overturn the recent CT Supreme Court decision allowing gay marriage in CT. Hmm, this is political and probably not appropriate on a books blog except for the fact that art and literature are essential to helping people think about what links us all, and basic human rights, such as the right to love whomever you love, are everyone's business.