Sunday, December 07, 2008

Stick to the script!

Memorizing my speech feels a lot like running lines back when I used to do children's theater. Only this time I won't have to wear a blonde wig and facial hair (I was Buffalo Bill in Annie Get Your Gun one year---there's no business like show business).

I'm still ridiculously nervous, but the more I remember of my speech the better I feel about it. It probably doesn't give off the image of unmovable professionalism that I should probably be trying for, but heck...I'd rather be real and honest on here. And hey, I'll still be a basket of raw nerves on Tuesday afternoon, but hopefully I can at least do as well as I did in those musicals. I was always a bit stiff, but I never forgot my lines or blocking.

Oh boy, though. If this is anything like theater, that means the forgotten-lines nightmares are going to make an appearance. Fun is!

I'll leave you with this image: me (tall, brown hair, slightly awkward, baby face) wearing gray face paint, a shiny silver jumpsuit and a funnel on my head. If anyone can guess what that costume was, I'll send them an ARC of something fun.


stacy said...

You were the Tin Man, of course. :)

Zoraida said...

you're still the cutest <3

Sarah Ockler said...

Yep, definitely the Tin Man.

Good luck with your presentation - you'll do great, because you love the book. :-)

T.S. said...

I was indeed the Tin Man. Stacy wins! :-)

Mark McVeigh said...

Congrats on your promotion.
Mark McVeigh