Friday, November 16, 2007


Wow -- I've been a HORRIBLE blogger lately. But I just don't care. Life has been too busy for me to even think about blogging and while I miss it and want to come back to it, I don't have much to update everybody on. Well -- I do, but I'm not sure if it will interest the kidlit crowd.

My roommate, Maranda, got engaged in mid-October and promptly moved out. I had two weeks to find someone new, but luckily she left me with the sweetest apartment I've ever lived in. I met a bunch of people off Craigslist but in the end, the first guy to come by was the best and he is now officially moved in. We're getting along really well so far and I could see us being buddies too, and not just roommates. We've already cooked dinner together (I taught him a Giada deLaurentis recipe that I hadn't had in a while) and discussed our jobs and families and stuff.

Work has been crazy busy (as per usual) but nothing bad. Moments of stress but nothing that could be considered a full-blown event. A lot of rush reading (more than I've ever experienced before) but somehow I've managed to stay cool under pressure. Or cooler than normal. And of course all the good news, with our National Book Award nominations and Sherman Alexie's win. I heard he gave me a shout out in his acceptance speech, which is exciting but also just means a lot. What an amazing honor. Congrats to him and to Sara Zarr, who is not only a finalist with her debut novel, but who is also just an all around shining star. We've become friends and as a reader, she has also become one of my favorite authors, both through her writing and her amazing personality, and I can't wait to see the places she will go. And, of course, congrats to the other three finalists, who are also amazing and who did great jobs at the Finalist Reading on Tuesday.

Thanksgiving and the holiday break are coming and while I am thrilled and know I need the time off, I also am completely annoyed that my work-flow is being interrupted at the moment. I am going to try and take these two breaks to try and read a few adult books, but I have no idea which ones. Christmas is going to be Kavalier and Clay, since I read a ton and was enjoying it, but never finished. I have a huge pile on my bookshelf at home, but I don't know if I should read the next Kitty book by Carrie Vaughn (I have the galley), or read something more substantial, since I know I could read Kitty in a weekend. I'll have to weigh my options and if I can't find another adult book I feel justified in reading over my free time, I may take home a kids book I don't think I'll be able to get to during regularly scheduled programming.

I had been working with my writing group and wrote a great first chapter to my dark urban fantasy novel, but now it seems my muse has other plans. I will be switching to a new middle grade idea that has decided to live inside my brain. Hopefully it will go well. I've shared the concept with a few people so far and they've all had very positive reactions. So here goes nothin'.

I guess that's it with me lately. I'm sorry to all my fellow bloggers who I have been neglecting and not reading or commenting on. I hope you'll forgive me and not stop reading me (when I update). Maybe blogging more will be my New Year's resolution. For now, I should get back to work. It may be Friday, but I have some stuff to take care of before the weekend arrives.

Oh---and I've finally become a Grey's Anatomy fan. All who have been awaiting this moment, please feel free to rejoice. All who are inclined to boo or hiss...well, I can only imagine that you have no idea how great this show is because I had no idea either and now I'm absolutely hooked.

The End (until my next post)

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Julie said...

Welcome back TS! Looking forward to hearing about your new MG idea... Exciting!