Sunday, June 22, 2008


I saved someone's life last night.

I was at a rooftop party thrown by some of my friends and a mutual friend started to choke on a hamburger. The hostess screamed for someone to give her the heimlich, and then picked me out of the crowd (she told me later it was because I was the biggest guy and so would be strong enough, or at least stronger than her) and screamed for me to help her. I was FREAKING OUT but I gave her the heimlich until that burger was out.

The thing that was going through my mind at the time was mostly worry that I would hurt her. I mean, you're basically punching the person in the stomach from behind. But Fear of Someone Dying Because You Couldn't Save Them completely trumps Fear of Hurting Someone. It was a really scary moment but it all turned out OK. The girl was embarrassed afterward, but recovered nicely. We laughed about it a little later, and then bonded over Degrassi (which only happens to be one of THE BEST teen shows on TV).

So that was my night last night. I got home close to 3AM and crashed. Gotta take it easy today, since this coming week is my birthday week and I have LOTS of fun planned! WOO!


Amy said...

Wow. Yay you.

As someone who's been saved by the Heimlich...I'll take a broken rib and breathing over dead any day.

And...happy birthday!

Colorado Writer said...

Happy birthday...and YAY for Life Saving!

Sara Z. said...

omg you are a hero!! I've always wondered if I'd be able to come through in a "someone is choking" situation.

Julie said...

I totally picture the scene from Mrs. Doubtfire every time I hear about someone using the Heimlich. Good thing you weren't wearing an old lady mask at the time. :)