Monday, June 11, 2007


I bite my nails. I bite them BAD. So ever since I've had teeth, I've had NO nails. Nubs if you will. I've tried to stop numerous times over the years but it hasn't happened. I always end up declawed. Well I'm trying a new tactic this time around. I'm going at this one finger at a time. Starting with the pinkies (aka Most Likely To Be Overlooked), I'm going to stop biting. I'm going to let myself get used to having a fingernail on each finger until there are no nubs left. This way, I get to keep biting while I break the habit. It's a weaning process. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

I stopped biting my nails 4 years ago after over 30 years of biting them daily. What finally got me was the day I grabbed ahold of a vertical subway pole while riding to work, a pole I shated with a really dirty, totally unwashed guy. His ingers were nasty. I realized then how much nasty stuff our fingers come into contact with and the idea of putting my fingers in my mouth seemed totally gross. Plus I started meditating, so i was a little less stressed.
Good luck with this!
Mark M