Friday, June 29, 2007

When do I start vomiting split-pea soup?

Ya know how, on the day before you take a vacation, you end up staying at work so late it almost seems like the vacation wasn't worth it? Yeah---I was at work until 12:30 tonight. AND I came in this morning at 8:00. That's SIXTEEN HOURS. I was at work for 3/4 of the day! (is that correct math?)

Though I gotta say, I feel like I got some good stuff done. Or at least I got to a place where my desk isn't so spaztastically messy and things won't blow up while I'm gone. I feel bad for Jennifer (my boss) though. She's gonna get into work tomorrow and find a huge pile of stuff on her desk, all with little post-its saying "this is this and that is that and this is what to do with that." That's what I do when I know I'm not gonna be around.

I dunno, I'm weird! I am going to enjoy this vacation A LOT but at the same time I hate being away from work and not knowing what is going down. I think I'm a closet control freak and now that I actually have a job that I love and care about, that side of me is rearing its ugly face. What if something needs to get done while I'm gone? What if something comes in that I need to take a look at? What if my head explodes because I'm neurotic? :-)

No, but I'm seriously going to take the time to enjoy this vacation. I'm moving to a new (better) apartment, my mom is visiting with birthday presents and lots of groceries, I get to read adult books without feeling guilty, and I think my best friend Jess is visiting at the end of the week or next weekend. Aside from that, I plan on laying around like a bum. And speaking of which, I'm gonna go lay down so that I can actually function tomorrow morning when I need to do a katrillion move-errands.


alvina said...

holy sh*t. You were at work till 12:30. Don't ever do that again, or I'll kick your as*. (gee, I'm cursing a lot in this post)

Have a great vacation!!

Sara Z. said...

Oh, we are so alike. I may be an arteeeest, but I have the soul of an administrator and always will. I'm sure the catching up when you get back will be just as fun!

Jessica said...

yes, i KNOW what time it is, but i'm looking at the W.E.N.I.S. and I'M NOT HAPPY!! ROFLMAO!!!

sorry, that's what i thought of when you said you were at work til' midnight... XD

and i'm getting out of work at noon for a dr's appt on friday, so i'll be heading for new haven at 1 or 2. look out!! here i come!!