Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm reading Eclipse

I don't care what anyone says, Zac Efron IS Edward Cullen to me. I've thought so since Book 1, since before he was famous. And now he's a stud and everyone wants to see shirtless pictures of him. And by everyone I mean all the gay men, of course!

The minute I started reading Eclipse this afternoon, I subconsciously started picturing him as Edward, without even thinking about the fact that he is Mr. Bigshot High School Musical guy now.

He's SO Edward!


Mermaid Tails said...

I can totally see that. I'm kind of disappointed with Eclipse. I read New Moon and Eclipse this week. We need to talk about this next meeting ;)

Amanda said...

I never even imagined that he would be Edward until you wrote this, TS. But when I was reading Eclipse he kept sneaking into my visual of Edward. I usually make up character appearances and don't use any famous faces (well, Cillian from time to time, and Victoria IS Famke Janssen), but Zefron wouldn't get out of my face. You should be proud of yourself.