Monday, August 27, 2007

Writing the night away

Hey dudes and dudettes. Sorry for not updating lately. All of my free time has been spent lately trying to work on my novel. My writing group meets tomorrow and I wanted to have something of substance for them to critique. Before that, I was reading The Golden Compass, and it temporarily took over my Central Nervous System. I will blog about that experience soon, and I also want to write a post about agent lunches (inspired by Alvina's anniversary look-back).

In the meantime, I must return to my writing. I've come to accept that my three main oppositions are:

1 ~ Procrastination: This is the worst because it means I am sitting here, I know I have to write, but I'm not. I'm doing other things because they're easier and that's not cool. Anything in life worth doing is going to involve hard work and the more I write, the more practice I am giving myself and the better I'll get. I know I'm a good writer, but I can only maintain that status if I continue to write.

2 ~ Being busy: This one is a little harder to combat because it means I am being held up by other plans, higher priority work, and I just haven't been able to find the time to sit down at my computer and write. Of course, it doesn't help that on the weekends, when #2 is often not a factor, #1 and #3 kick in.

3 ~ Distractions: This could easily fall under procrastination but I feel it is different. This means that I am trying to write and I am literally sitting at my computer with the Word document wide open, and I have YouTube going, or I'm checking my email, or I'm chatting on AIM. And it's horrid because I know I should just ignore all of that but I don't. It's one of the things I just need to do, and it requires discipline and self-control, but if I want to be a writer, those are two things I am going to have to have.

Anyway, back I go to my writing before it gets too late. Those three things usually mean I am writing everything at the last minute before my writing group meetings and then I stay up way late the night before and am exhausted. That happened last night and I am hoping it won't happen again tonight, so off I go. This blog would be #1 AND #3 but mostly #3 because here I am and the Word doc is staring me in the face. As are the blinking orange AIM windows that I need to say goodbye too.

Off I go.


Amanda said...

I was just about to say that you're distracting yourself by writing this, LOL. Awww, ily.

shana said...

Either you're up way too late or I am in a different time zone. I think its a little bit of both.

Jessica said...

hm, i find the same thing happening with me with art when i work on the computer (sometimes). i usually run into reference problems and need to go online to get some, then get stuck. or if i'm in an artistic funk i'll waste tons of time online. when i work with just pencil-&-paper i get a lot less distracted. maybe write a chapter freehand and see what happens? or maybe you really prefer the computer?

T.S. said...

I don't write freehand because I can't write fast enough to keep up with my thoughts and I end up losing my train of thought or writing so fast that I get a bunch of gobbledygook that I can't read. I also like to type when I write because it is easier/faster to play around with word usage so that I can think of the best word for certain instances. That is especially useful when I KNOW what I want to say but it is on the tip of my tongue (or brain rather).

Maria Mercado said...

Out of curiosity, how did you like The Golden Compass? I'm obsessed with that trilogy. Have you read Garth Nix's Sabriel trilogy as well?